Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Things I don´t like about living in Spain, part VII

A trip into Oviedo last week failed to bring me any results in my quest for a bra. This was my last hope. The Corte Ingl├ęs (a Spanish chain of large, slightly upmarket department stores) had to have a suitable one, or so I thought, but I was foiled for the nth time and now I give in.

Finding a bra in Spain that´s bigger than a C-cup and that isn´t obviously made for the older women in that detestable skin-coloured fabric - you know the type, they look like some kind of industrial hoist - is impossible. What do well-endowed young women do here? It beats me, and I´m too embarassed to go up to one in the street and ask. It´s back to good old M&S this time. Unfortunately they don´t ship abroad, but thankfully I have a mother who does.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

By Popular Demand...

...sort of. OK, that's a lie - I don't have the readership for popular demand. Enjoy anyway, and excuse the mud stockings.

Here's your more stereotypical Spanish cow:

And, seen on the same walk, an alternative for those of you who don't do bovine.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

One of those rare days

Today has been good. Very good. One of those days where everything is right and everyone and everything is in a fine mood. I enjoyed every little detail.

The lawn carpeted with daisies

Mahou adventuring

Beeps exploring the chapel roof

The first of the neighbour's lambs

Another neighbour's horse looking for attention

Even the clothes flapping chirpily in the breeze as puffs of cloud moved across the sky in formation behind them.

As for myself, after a session cutting wood and trimming the grass around the new bushes, I decided that was that and retired, book in hand, to my hammock.

Monday, 4 February 2008

Mixed skies

It's the time of year the weather often does this, or worse.

Although it's not always that bleak.

Blue skies in February. Normally, by this time of year everything is convered in snow. The neighbour's mimosa adds a welcome dash of colour whatever. As does the minature version on this side of the fence.

Vegetable planting has been started. In December a packet of chilli seeds arrived in the post, sent by a friend in the UK. Each of five friends has a packet and we're going to see who can grow the best chillies.

According to the bumf that came with the packet, you're not supposed to plant them until February. I cheated and sowed them about four weeks ago. They're currently in a propagator on a sunny window ledge, looking very happy.

And this is what I should hopefully have come summer.

The variety is called Twilight, I'm very enamoured with the colours, especially the purple. Almost too good to eat.